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Hermann Fomichev
Hermann Fomichev

Enjoy One of the Best Racing Games Ever with Mario Kart Wii KOR WII Iso

the players race suits have been moved to the lower portion of the screen, where the button was before. the color of the buttons is shown, with blue and yellow (the blue button is light blue, and the yellow button is yellow-green). the cars have also been moved to the lower portion of the screen. during the time of the screenshots, there is still no "create your own" option.

Mario Kart Wii KOR WII Iso

the lobby screen includes the new flag (highlighted in the screenshot above), the time (the lettering was originally in the language used in the us version, so the period is used instead), and a "create your room" button. the logo remains similar to the one seen in gdc 2008.

tracks can be unlocked from the start of the game. the fastest tracks are unlocked by using three star pieces and a banana as items. the standard mario kart tracks and battle tracks are unlocked with six star pieces, one banana, and four additional items. races are conducted in single player or multi-player. single-player races are unlocked by winning the first five grand prix races; multi-player races are unlocked by winning the first three online grand prix races. it is the first game in the series to feature a timer. in the racing mode, the timer appears as text in the top right of the screen to indicate the time remaining; after completing a race, the timer counts down to 100 seconds from the last-place finishers time. if a player is second or third, the timer will stop either at 100 or 200 seconds; if they are fourth through sixth, they will remain at either 100 or 200 seconds. if a player is last or tied for last, the timer will count down, possibly finishing by revealing the player's placement by revealing the time from the last-place finishers time. players must finish a race in first place for a gold trophy or second place for a silver trophy.


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