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Hermann Fomichev
Hermann Fomichev

Thumb Position For Cello , Bk 2: Thumbs Of Steel Rick Mooney

Intermediate Etudes in the Positions for Cello compiled by Francis GrantThis is an oldie but goody! This was my junior high etude book with Kathleen Lester of the Milwaukee Symphony and I still have the same well-worn book. Francis Grant played in the Cleveland Orchestra and after his retirement he devoted himself to full time teaching, publication of pedagogical books, and performance practice. He has a whole collection of etude books entitled, Fundamentals of Violoncello Technique , that are selected studies from the etude books of Romberg, Lee, and Kummer that take the student from first through thumb position. This book combines selected etudes of Schroeder, Dotzauer, Kummer, Lee, and others that take the student from 2nd through 4th positions. I still use this book today in my teaching of younger students. Intermediate Level

Thumb Position for Cello , Bk 2: Thumbs of Steel Rick Mooney


WILLIAM BRUCE Do you remember when you first started playing the cello? For many beginners it takes a while to toughen up the ends of the fingers on our cheesewire strings, and the thumb is no different. Even after all these years, when I come back from holiday I need to get my fingers and thumb back into condition to avoid soreness. And spare a thought for harpists: after a break, their fingers can actually bleed as they rebuild their calluses! They use a variety of tricks to toughen the skin, including rubbing in lemon juice, methylated spirits or papaya ointment.


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