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Hermann Fomichev
Hermann Fomichev

Experience Call of Duty Mobile at 120 FPS on PC with BlueStacks 5

Call of Duty: Mobile was one of the biggest launches of last year in the mobile gaming scene. Since its launch, the game has been growing tremendously due to its unique features and standout elements, making it one of the fastest mobile titles to reach 100 million downloads, in 2019. The game has a variety of content like maps, modes which are either borrowed or inspired by other games in the Call of Duty franchise. With Season 9 and the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, there has been a spike in the player count of the game as well. As the game continues to grow, many players have been wondering how to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC.

For playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC, players will need to use emulators. An emulator simulates Android devices on your computer, letting you download apps you find on the Google Play Store, including Call of Duty: Mobile on PC. The emulator gives you almost all of the features of a real Android device. You can simulate incoming phone calls and text messages, specify the location of the device, simulate different network speeds, simulate rotation and other hardware sensors, access the Google Play Store, and more. Emulators can help you Call of Duty: Mobile on PC.

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Download apk:

Call of duty Mobile is the latest game from Activision which is in competition with the most popular android game PUBG Mobile. If you are live streamer or love to play games in PC then this article is for you. Here I have explained to you, How to play call of duty mobile on PC with the help of Bluestacks.

Yes, COD can be played on PC by using Game Loop Emulator by Tencent. This is the official emulator by Tencent and lets you download and launch the game on Windows and Mac devices easily. You can also download the APK version of COD mobile Chinese by downloading other emulators like Bluestack 5.

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It is good to know that we can easily download and COD mobile Chinese on PC via various methods. COD Chinese APK is the best option for gaming enthusiasts having regional or budget barriers. Now you can easily download COD for PC by following the guidelines mentioned above.

Being able to handle calls from a PC when you're far from your mobile device for various reasons is a moment to sit back and praise the credibility of AirDroid Personal. It allows you to receive or make phone calls with minimal effort.

Alternatively, you can try Bluestacks to play Call of the duty mobile on mac and windows PC.1. Download and install the BlueStacks on your PC.2. Open the Google Play Store and download COD Mobil.4. Enjoy the game on your computerDOWNLOAD GAMELOOP

PUBG Mobile holds the largest user share of BR games with over 100 million active users every month on the smartphones. In a first Activision launched a mobile version of its popular title COD. The aim is to slice a portion in the growing Battle Royale genre, Call of Duty has joined hands with Chineses developer Tencent to develop COD Mobile for Smartphones. Tencent is also the developers of PUBG Mobile. The game is available to download from Play Store and Apple App Store for Mobile.

Playing COD Mobile on Windows PC is very simple and easy. All you need is an emulator which can handle the play on your system smoothly. Gaming Buddy by Tencent for Windows who are also the developers of COD Mobile created the emulator specifically catered towards the game. The Tencent Gaming Buddy is able to handle the COD mobile and is well optimised to run even on low-end Windows PC.


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