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Hermann Fomichev
Hermann Fomichev

Version Of Tekken 6 Pc Game

Seeing Namco's flagship fighter running on the 3DS and looking as good as it did is impressive. Including all 41 of Tekken 6's roster is equally as substantial on the little handheld. However, the title was criticized at launch resulting in the 3DS version becoming the lowest-scoring game for the series.

Version Of Tekken 6 Pc Game

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Tekken Hybrid is a compilation of the Tekken Tag Tournament HD remaster, a demo of Tag Tournament 2, and a blu ray of the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance. The original Tekken Tag Tournament was a PS2 launch title and a great multiplayer game.

Unfortunately, fans expected the couch co-op fun to be extended to online multiplayer. The visuals are upscaled, and Tekken Tag was still as fun as it ever was, but selling the game as a full-price game was excessive, thanks to the poor effort put in by Namco.

Here, players had the largest roster available at the time, as characters like Jun Kazama, among others, returned after a long hiatus. It was by no means bad, but it was hardly revolutionary enough to be memorable. Then again, having multiple characters on hand is always fun in a fighting game.

Dark Resurrection was ported to the PS3 later via the PSN and featured upgraded visuals. Unlike the 3DS version, the PSP release gives players an incentive to go back and play the game with multiple modes. There is an arcade mode, Tekken Dojo mode, league matches, and tournament matches.

At the time this game came out, this was a revolutionary step in the fighting genre. The opportunity to play more than one character at a time was too good to pass up, and critics lauded Tekken Tag Tournament for bringing a never-before-seen entertainment value to the series.

When compared with Tekken 5, Tekken 6 boasts several new changes. These include improvements in graphics display, improved physics, more qualitative special effects, enhanced character customization, novel rage and bound systems that enrich gameplay, six newly introduced characters, a larger number of stages with improved interactivity (nearly four times the number of stages in Tekken 5).

Tekken 6 also features a new wall stun that makes it possible for game characters to fall backward rather than the forward falls in older versions. An alteration has also been made to damage calculations that sees attacks on standing targets inflict an extra 20% damage.

The game is to be released alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360 version and includes additional stages, content, items, and multiplayer featuring both original and fan favorite characters and a "Ghost" Infrastructure mode. This mode allows players to upload their character data and compare it with data complied by others.

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