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Learn to Drift Like a Pro with Real Drift Car Racing Lite APK

This Turbo Racing Speed Car game is actually a cusp of both exaggerating highway race and high speed race. The cars that have been featured in the game are of the famous brands as these car are superfast and driver needs to apply mind and skill on the road. Get ready to drive high speed cars and upgrade them to keep the best performance on highway. The highways that user will driving on would be the village highway, mountain highway, snow covered and city highways. Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards. The user can have real car driving controls as the user can enjoy in car racing with highly simulated experience. Drive the car in various races like illegal street racers in underground circuit as the user may challenge world famous car racers to an ultimate drag racing challenge. Enjoy various camera angles and multiple camera views in this game. The game has high quality graphics and optimized working that prevents the game from any lag. Download this game for free and enjoy this new car racing sensation,

real drift car racing apkpure

Take control of some amazingly real drift cars (speed car, SUV and 4x4) in a huge driving environment ready to explore, with a big city, forests, canyons, hills and mountains : more than 16 km of area and 30 km of roads!

Real Drift Car Racing almost perfectly simulates the parts and engines of a racing car such as the engine, turbo, wheels, motion systems, and more. Along with the extremely realistic sound, you feel like driving a real racing car. The detailed vehicle system and realistic sounds will make you extremely excited when controlling them in the game. A good car makes a good racer. Shop yourself for top motivations and practice superb techniques.

If you really want a feeling like the top racers. Immerse yourself in the thrilling race or simply a moment of effective stress relief. Try to find Real Drift Car Racing, the game will give you many moments of relaxation with your friends with many outstanding features compared to other conventional racing games. Download Real Drift Car Racing mod now and become one of the best racers.

There are drift-free settings in many racing games, but often only appear in a cornering style, with very few games devoted exclusively to drifting. This is a realistic 3D racing racer tour, full 3D to create a real track scene, cool racing system everything, you need superb racing skills to get higher glory and the more advanced car .

There is also an auxiliary is the traction assist, this one need to come up with a separate explanation that the traction assist is due to excessive cornering speed of the car, there will be skidding, open the traction auxiliary driving computer will be based on the size of the car friction automatically assigned braking force , So that the car to maintain a smooth running, if you turn off the assistance, it will be prone to skidding, suitable for drift, but it is difficult to get a good cornering speed, if you are a real master, you can use the manual throttle + Manual brake + gravity sensing mode off the traction to help play, but for most users, this one need to normally open.

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